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Westview Veterinary Services

Cooperative Care

A cooperative care session is encouraged for pets who struggle at the veterinarian in regard to handling and husbandry procedures.  Train your pet with Mallory to be an active, willing participant in these experiences at the clinic.

Cooperative Care Sessions are helpful to ease your pets if they are anxious or fearful while at the veterinarian.


Cooperative care is teaching your pet to not only tolerate handling and procedures but also to be an active, willing, participant in these experiences.  What's unique about this service is you are able to practice this training inside a veterinary clinic.  These sessions are open to all pets; puppies, kittens, rescues, dogs, and cats who struggle at the vet are all welcome.  We want to make your pet's veterinary care as low-stress as possible.

Why are cooperative care sessions needed?

Sessions are needed when your pet is struggling or having anxiety when being handled or receiving services such as a nail trim, vaccine administration, or grooming.  We care so deeply about our pets, show them by booking a session.

When should a session be booked?

We book sessions with our trainer Mallory on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  It's best to book your cooperative care session when you first notice signs of stress and discomfort in your pet while at the vet or groomer.  

How do the sessions work?

Mallory spends time connecting with you first to establish goals and see where your pet's comfort level is at.  The next steps are dependent on your pet's needs. She can teach things like pattern games and practice the motions of administering vaccines or nail trims and how to make them acceptable for your pet.  Mallory also goes over choice-based exercises and other activities your dog can do while at the vet.