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Westview Veterinary Services

Accessibility Statement

Website Accessibility

We strive to provide an excellent online experience for all visitors to our website. We believe all of our visitors should be able to easily navigate our website, regardless of whether the visitor has a need for assistive technologies like screen readers, magnifiers, voice recognition software or switch technology. 

To ensure access, we are committed to maintaining compliance with current Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

  • The WCAG are recognized and acknowledged as the international standard measure of success. Our site is designed and developed with these guidelines in mind.

  • Questions or concerns about the accessibility features of our site should be directed to [email protected]

  • We regularly test our website to ensure we meet or exceed the standard and that it is usable by guests who use assistive technology.

  • NVA has engaged ADA Site Compliance (“ADASC”) as a third-party accessibility partner and has performed auditing of this website. The auditing, included among other things: (i) an analysis of the current structure of the content; (ii) an audit of the accessibility of the content; and (iii) reporting seeking to ensure this website is directly accessible to as many people as possible, and capable of being represented in different forms to match different peoples' sensory, physical and cognitive abilities.