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Westview Veterinary Services

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Payment Info

Westview Veterinary Services is please to provide information on our payment options, financing choices, and pet insurance recommendations.

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Financing - Sometimes unexpected things happen.

While we do everything we can to keep our fees and charges as affordable as possible, we do understand that sometimes unexpected things happen and your pet’s health care costs may be a challenge.

For your convenience, we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and Interac as methods of payment. We also have a close working relationship with various insurance companies and are able to assist you in submitting your claims.  

If your pet’s care is a financial concern, please don’t hesitate to speak with anyone on staff in advance of us providing care for your pet. We also recommend Scratchpay, a third party payment plan option that can help make this process simple and manageable for you.

Two Dogs and a Cat at Westview Veterinary Services

Pet Insurance - A pet owner's best friend.

Accidents and illness are an unfortunate part of pet ownership.

Pet Insurance is there to help!

Having your pet enrolled in pet insurance makes treatment for unexpected health care and accidents much easier and a lot less stressful!

We recommend both Pets Plus Us as well as Trupanion. Both are available to answer all your pet insurance questions and help you choose a plan that suits your pet and family needs.

Please take a look through both companies to find the one that best suits your family's needs and ask us about a free trial period!

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