Affordable & Convenient Health Care for your Pet.

Wellness Plans – making your pet’s health care affordable and convenient!


We are pleased to help you provide quality care for your four legged family members with two choices of affordable, convenient Wellness Plans. Our Silver Wellness Plan is for pets aged 7 and under and the Gold Wellness Plan is for senior pets aged 7 and over.


Each Plan covers all comprehensive physical examinations, all lifestyle appropriate vaccines, unlimited consults and rechecks, health certificates, nutritional consultations, monthly nail trims, annual preventive blood panel, and discounts for food, parasite control products, dental services, and the spay or neuter for puppies and kittens.!


Just like people, we know that proactive, preventive health care improves quality of life and helps our pets live well into their senior years. Our Wellness Plans help make caring for your pet simple and affordable throughout their whole life.


It’s important to note that our Wellness Plans are not Pet Insurance. Pet Insurance covers the unexpected accidents and illnesses that may occur during your pets’ lifetime while our Wellness Plans cover the expected yearly preventive health care costs to keep your pet happy and healthy as they grow.   Join the growing number of our pet owners that are appreciating the excellent value and convenience of our Wellness Plans.

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